Billing Model

Time and materials
We adopt this model thereby ensuring the risk mitigation and vendor confidence. Monitoring is done through daily time sheets and progress reports.

Time and materials with 'no' to Exceed clause
A standard time and materials method with an additional clause that, price will not exceed a certain mutually agreed amount.

Fixed Price Project
Project bids on fixed price and fixed time basis. Bids may be fixed on hard set of specification or accommodate certain level of flexibility this mode places upon the provider maximum risk and full responsibility for all costs and resulting profit or loss. We charge for the approximate effort estimated in terms of man-days.

Mile stone based Payment Schedule
In a remote development project, milestone based payment schedule, reinforces progress monitoring, to achieve milestones. It helps to justify payment, by visible progress, reducing the risk.

Monthly Resource Based payment
Best suited for extended development center model, billing is done monthly, based on the number and level of resources utilized.