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Customer Portal using Drupal OpenERP API

Communicating with OpenERP has been made easy in Drupal with the OpenERP Proxy API. This module provides API for other Drupal modules to interface with the OpenERP via the XML-RPC calls. We can use this API for authentication, searching, data retrieval, data updation to the OpenERP server. We have used the openerp-7.x-1.6 module to connect to OpenERP.

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Subreports in Jasper Reports

Subreport is an advanced feature of Jasper Reports and is used to design complex reports. Subreport is a report inside another report. The datasource connection used by the Subreport is same as the parent report.



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Adding a widget in OpenERP Web Client

Recently I came across a post in a forum about adding a widget in OpenERP Web Client. I thought it would be nice to share the information through our blog.

In the OpenERP v6 Web Client, at the right handside we can see a twitter widget by default. Also, we can add more widgets like google maps, facebook etc. which are available by default. Our aim is to add a custom Search box widget which will search the blogs in Zesty Beanz website.

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OpenERP OpenOffice Report Designer

The Openoffice Report Designer is a plugin used to create reports for OpenERP. It is an easy to install and use plugin. The main advantage of this plugin is that anyone can easily create and modify reports for OpenERP.

Installation Procedure

Install using Extension Manager in Writer

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Security in OpenERP

Security is a major concern  when any application is considered. As of OpenERP, security is an important factor and it is easy to provide security in modular basis.

Group-based Access Control

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Basics of developing a simple module in OpenERP

OpenObject uses modules as feature containers, to foster maintainable and robust development. The functionality in OpenERP is provided by modules.

Module Composition

A module may contain any of the following elements:

business objects: declared as Python classes extending the osv.osv OpenObject class
data : views, menu, workflows, demo data etc..
wizards : stateful interactive forms