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Daily Sales Closing + Automated Report Sending

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Daily Sales Closing + Automated Report Sending

 If you are running a business, you really need a neat and detailed report of the sales at the end of the day.

This OpenERP module may help you to get the Detailed Report as email after closing the sales . 

Steps for Closing

  1.  The Retail Manager opens the Sales Closing menu . 
  2. Enter the Cash denomination

  3. Verifies the Credit Card and Cash Details of the day

    Note : This gives the opening amount, system closing amount , the user can fill the actual amounts in hand then the system calculate the excess or short money . And then Fill the amount to be transfered to the bank . The rest of the money will be transfereed as the carry forward for the next days sale .

  4. Check the Cash Purchase Details and Other Expenses

    Note : The system shows the cash purchase and the expenses given from the cash boxes in detail 

  5. Check the Category wise Sales Details - If you have different category of products, then the sales of the each will be listed as below

  6. Check for the Summary of all the transactions and the average Sale Value

    Note : Here the total Cash Purchase Petty Cash [Expense] , Total Sale, No of Customers, Sale Average will be listed

  7. The Manager Agrees all the details are verified by clicking the Check button
  8. User can take the print out and attach with the office files for auditing purposes and all.
  9.  This module can be integrate with the daily Stock closing [ie : Without the daily stock closing the user could not  do sales closing ] . So if the user tries to agree the details are verified without stock closing, a warning will appear like below

  10. Then the user can click on the Done Button . Hence the window will close

    enlightened     All the images shown above are coming in the same window .

  11. After this,  the system itself do all the accounting related task for the day in background  and Send the Detailed Sale Report to the Management Automatically

    Note : This is the a sample mail content . It includes almost all the Details of a days activities in a simple manner .

Hope this module can enhance the sale activity

Have a nice day .... 

juan's picture

Hi Lijesh, thanks for build

Hi Lijesh, thanks for build this terrific module!
Can you please tell me how can I get this module?

Thanks again!

Lijesh Parat's picture

 Please contact us at

 Please contact us at