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Customer Portal using Drupal OpenERP API

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Customer Portal using Drupal OpenERP API

Communicating with OpenERP has been made easy in Drupal with the OpenERP Proxy API. This module provides API for other Drupal modules to interface with the OpenERP via the XML-RPC calls. We can use this API for authentication, searching, data retrieval, data updation to the OpenERP server. We have used the openerp-7.x-1.6 module to connect to OpenERP.

The configuration for connecting Drupal to OpenERP is done in the drupal admin menu >>> "OpenERP”. The Server and Database details are filled in the form to connect to OpenERP. In the “Database Workbench” in the same form, we can retrieve the data from OpenERP models. Here we can specify the fields to retrieve and the filtering options.

Server Configuration

Database Configuration


Portal using the OpenERP Proxy API

Having connected to OpenERP server, we can arrange the data in a user friendly interface in Drupal. We have also configured the Drupal OpenERP connector in such a way that each partner in OpenERP can be assigned to the user in Drupal. This can be done at the user administration page in Drupal. So now, we can list all the sale orders, invoices etc. for a specific partner. Similarly, we can also create or modify openERP data from Drupal.



Timothy Solomon's picture

Nice work! It looks like a

Nice work! It looks like a good way to build custom interfaces for openerp to add on extra functionality. Have you used the openerp-drupal integration in a real world case?

Shelton's picture

Thank you, Timothy. We have

Thank you, Timothy. We have already implemented it for a few of our customers. If you want more details please share your email id or mail to

Alexandre's picture

Hi man, Is there any manual?

Hi man,

Is there any manual? how can i create the forms on drupal? I was able to connect and use the workbench to select data on openerp, but, cannot use drupal to show it... can you give me the way?

Anonymous's picture

Good question Alexandre; have

Good question Alexandre; have you found an answer?