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Employee Commission Report in Odoo

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Employee Commission Report in Odoo

Here we are discussing about the working of the Odoo module to find the Periodic Commission. This module will calculate the employee commission for the employee with respect to the commission criteria that we configure.

The steps to calculate Periodic Commission Report

  1. The report data is taken from Service -> Service -> Service Order Analysis
  2. Report calculation: Service -> Service -> CommissionSetting the following criteria to generate the periodic commission

    Employee : Employee’s report will obtain, can use more than one employee
    *  Department: Report will be filtered using department. Only given department will be considered
    Minimum Sale Value: The report will consider only greater the minimum sale value. Sale value depends the amount total of each line
    Minimum Product Value: The report will consider only greater the minimum
    product value: Each time product value increases when sale happens. If employee 3 times sales dome, then Product Value is 3.
    Product Category: The reports will take the products which is under this category
    Products: The reports will takes the data which is contains these products

  3. Apply Commission Report button: We can generate Commission report for specific period with the criteriaStart Date: Set start date for the report.
    End Date: Set final date for report
    The data will be obtained from these days
  4. Apply Generate Button from that wizard, it will give the periodic report using the given criteria. Periodic Report will set in Periodic Commission field
  5. We can see the report in another report, Service -> Service -> Periodic Commission          
  6. We can take Printout of this report. After apply Verified Button, Print Button visible. So we can easily take a print using that button.

Commission Print

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Your site has a lot of useful

Your site has a lot of useful information for myself. I visit regularly. Hope to have more quality items.

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Thank you Sanal Davis for

Thank you Sanal Davis for sharing this article. It's really rewarding for me.

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Those who come to read your

Those who come to read your article will find lots of helpful and informative tips

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Hi Sanal Davi. I'd like to

Hi Sanal Davi.

I'd like to know how to face the project that i'm develop of right now, which is salon project.

the example situation is:

Amir is Senior Stylist
Bahi is Junior Stylist

If Amir sell PRODUCT shampoo, then he will have commission 10% of the sale cost.
If Amir do colouring hair SERVICE, then he will get commission 10% of the service cost.
If Amir do colouring hair helped with Bahi, then they will have 10% of the service, which Amir as a Senior Stylist, will have 75% of 10% commission, meanwhile Bahi as Junior Stylist will get only 25% of 10% commission.

Do Odoo HR can do that? or perhaps there is a module which can provide solution?