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An ERP Solution for Educational Institutions

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An ERP Solution for Educational Institutions

    There are thousands of proprietary as well as free softwares in our  market, that provide a solution to manage the activities of an educational institution. Majority of them are purely web based applications. Even though many institutions make use of such softwares, a complete automation is never been achieved. The basic reason behind the fact is that an institution is not just a sum of teachers and students. It has an organizational structure, like a company, which comprises of different levels of employees. It has different types of assets other than  human resource. An institution purchases commodities using the same procedures that any other company does for the same. It issues tenders for selling scraps or commencing a construction. Above all it has to manage its accounting in a flexible way.  Even if an Institution decides for a complete automation, in the present scenario, the possibility of obtaining a cost effective Integrated solution is almost nill. You can get separate solutions for all the above mentioned scenarios, like student management, employee management, purchase, tender procesing, accounting etc.. That is what is happening around us.



       Whenever an integrated solution is required in situations like this , the best choice will be an ERP - a cost effective ERP with flexibility and strength enough to manage the needs. Here comes the relevance of OpenERP. Zesty Beanz identifies the potential of customizing OpenERP and providing a package, suitable for Resource Planning of Institutions. It is a generic solution applicable for all kinds of Educational Institutions, ranging from schools to colleges. Base Open ERP modules like 'hr', 'accounting' are customized for the purpose and fresh modules are developed for managing students, teachers, libraries, fee structure, schedules etc.. Here all the users including, students, teachers, librarians and other staffs log into the same system. User Privileges are managed using access control methods. Efficient Analysis of information is a key advantage of using an ERP. Our system provides an effective analysis of student data as well as other information so as to make the process of decision making effortless.


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Is this module on version 7.0

Is this module on version 7.0 ?

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Hello, Can you please tell me

Hello, Can you please tell me how you have been able to get a student database? I am actually working on a university project where I have to combine different Ministries for example, the Human Resource, The Education Sector and the Finance and develop a new system using ERP so that all information is stored in one database. Can you please help me by giving me some ideas here? Thanks in advance, Pramod.

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Great post. Here i have

Great post. Here i have collect some details about ERP Solutions. This ERP Solutions is for educational institude.Really very nice blog.

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Looks good my friend, Where

Looks good my friend,

Where can we find the related branch?
How can we help on its development?


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very good; but how can i get

very good;
but how can i get this school management module?