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Gamification Functionality in OpenERP 8

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Gamification Functionality in OpenERP 8

Gamification is a Module that provides ways to evaluate and motivate the users of OpenERP. The users can be evaluated using goals and numerical objectives to reach.

Goals are assigned through plans to evaluate and compare members of a team with each others and through time. For non-numerical achievements, badges can be granted to users. From a simple "thank you" to an exceptional achievement, a badge is an easy way to exprimate gratitude to a user for their good work. Both goals and badges are flexibles and can be adapted to a large range of modules and actions. When installed, this module creates easy goals to help new users to discover OpenERP and configure their user profile.

How to Use this?

Install the Gamification Module. On Installing a new Menu will appear under Settings > Gamification tools. This menu contains for Menu Items: Goals, Challenges, Goal Definitions, Badges. You must provide the Technical features access rights to the User In order to view this gamification menu.

Goals: It by default shows the Users and list of Goals assigned to each user. A screenshot is given below:

Challenges: Here a particular user can set a challenge to complete a goal or a list of goals within a period of time for different users including himself. There is a set of fields where the user can enter these values. User can set name for the challenge, The user to which the challenge is  assigned, the start date and end date of the challenge, the periodicty of the challenge, The list of Goals needed to be achived to complete this challenge can be assigned In the Goals tab. The user can also assign rewards to those who succed in the challenge in the Rewards tab. Advanced Options Tab allows the user to set subscriptions, Notification settings ect. A screenshot is given below:

when the challenge is in progress then you can see 3 buttons. Refresh Challenge, Send Report, Related Goals. Refresh challenge button updates the view Goals with the latest values. Related Goals button is used to view all the related goals and thier completon status in a Kanban view. Send report button send a message to the users Inbox as shown in the screen shot below:

Badges:  User can configure the badges that can be assigned to each user. A screenshot is shown below:

Grant this Badge button can be used to Grant the badge to any user.
Different limits can be set on how many badges can be given in a month if required and also can be specified the no of user that will be able to get this badge.

Goal Definitions: Here is the place where different goals are configured and created. For eg. goals can be set for the employees to set thier company logo in thier respective profiles. And this goal definition can be used in a challenge and thus it can be monitored who all set the company Logo. A screenshot is provided:

Another example of configuring a goal for maximising sales:

There are four different computation modes as shown by the radio buttons:

  • Recorded manually is used for manual calculation.
  • Automatic: number of records automatically computes the Goal based on the number of records of The model specified in The field Model within the start and end date of the challenge and satisfying the filter domain condition. 
  • Automatic: sum on field computes the Goal based on sum of values in a particular field which can be specified in the Field to sum field. For example if the user wants to know about the details of the user who has obtained amount of More than 1000$ through sales rather than the no of sale orders then the field Total of  sale order can be specified here. A screenshot is given below:
  • Automatic: execute a specific Python code: computes the Goal based on python code

Thus gamification is a module that can be important to view The performances of all enterprise employees also can be used to reward employees who Do better work thus keeping a productive and healthy enviornment in an enterprise

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If we set the model to: "Sale

If we set the model to: "Sale Order Line"
and the field to sum to: "SubTotal"
We'll get an error.
is this a bug in odoo?

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