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Grouping of Sale Order Lines

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Grouping of Sale Order Lines

web_tree module enhance the features of OPENERP 7.0 in handling sale order and sale order lines. This module is designed with the aim of handling sale order lines easily within a Sale Order. With this module you will be able to create set of categories for each Sale Order. Most interesting feature is that you can just drag and drop Sale Order Lines to desired category. This module also provide facility of inline editing for Sale Order Lines in Draft state.

NB: This module is designed such a way that deleting a category will delete all the child category and Sale Order Line belongs to it.


1. Install the Module web_tree
2. Select Quotations or Sales Orders From Sale menu
3. Open a Sale Order, Now you can see a button Tree View as shown in Fig:1


4. Click the Tree View button and select Order Lines
5. You will see a hyperlink 'Add' and Sale Order Lines (if any) not specified to any category
6. Use the hyperlink 'Add' to add Root categories, after adding your category Order Lines will look like Fig:2


7. Use the buttons next to the category to add Sale Order Line, Sub Category, Edit Category details and Delete category respectively
8. Now use the Drag and Drop feature to drag sale order lines to the desired category (Drag by clicking sequence button attached to the Sale Order Line)

Check the video below:

Anonymous's picture

why didn't Share the

why didn't Share the developed module code

Bobin Kurian's picture

Hi,      Sorry this module


     Sorry this module is not free, Please contact zesty beanz technoliges

Jatupong's picture

Hi, I understand that this

Hi, I understand that this module is not fee. I think this is a good module and i prefer to use it even i have to pay a bit.

I'm IT Solution Provider from Thailand and just start looking for ERP solution to my customer. We start openERP without developer at the moment, just only system admin team.

Please kindly advice how much if i would like to use it ?



Anonymous's picture

It looks good,If you share

It looks good,If you share this module most helpful

Anonymous's picture

Hi Bobin, You seem missed to

Hi Bobin,

You seem missed to share the link to download and try this module.

Have a nice day,