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How To Achieve POS Promotion Using Odoo

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How To Achieve POS Promotion Using Odoo

It is necessary for any enterprises to attract new customers, to hold present customers or to counteract competition in order to boost their business. Sale promotion is a big tool for this. This sale promotion or POS promotion often come in the form of discounts (offers).

Here we are going to discuss how POS promotion can be easily and effectively achieved in Odoo with our Customised Module.

There are mainly 3 types of promotional offers provided

  1. Fixed Amount Offer
  2. Percentage Per Product Offer
  3. Product Group Offer


Fixed Amount Offer

In this offer, if the condition that certain product is purchased in certain times(quantity) is attained, then that product will be sold at certain amount given in the field ‘Fixed Amount’. Also there will be a time interval(Start date and End date) for this promotion, ie the promotion should be executed within that date.

Let’s have an example,
If we are purchasing a product named Orange Fanta of quantity 2 and that promotion states that the product will be sold at rate of 1.50. This promotion is executed in Odoo as,

Get in to POS screen ----->  Search product with the product reference ----->  Change the quantity -----> Apply promotion.

Now we can see at the amount screen it is shown Total Amount as 1.50. So the product will be sold at that rate. Then Validate and Pay the amount by clicking on Bank or Cash.

Percentage Per Product Offer

Here also there is a time interval given and certain value in the field called Percentage. With that percentage value the POS promotion will be executed.Under the Promotion Rules table, there is Promotion Group. Our product will be listed in this promotion group.

In our example the promotion group is NS BLACK CUP in which the product NS SHIN CUP BLACK is listed.

When we apply promotion the percentage value 88.57 will be multiplied with the total amount of product listed in the group and that value will come as Total Amount.

Go to POS screen -------> Search product with reference -------> Change the quantity------> Apply promotion

Now we can see the Total Amount as 3.10, ie the product NS SHIN CUP BLACK will be sold at rate of 3.10.

Product Group Offer

As the name suggest, the products are purchased in group and promotion is executed for that group of products.

In this category we have 2 tables, Promotion Rules and Promotion Offers. Under each table there is Promotion Group and Quantity.

GEISHA  MACKEREL is the promotion group given here with same products in both tables with quantities 3 and 2  respectively. Selecting the first product(GS MACKEREL IN TOM) from each group total quantity will be 5.

Before applying promotion it will be at a rate 5 Unit(s) at 0.5/Unit(s), ie total of 2.50

After executing  promotion one unit will be reduced from the total value before execution(2.50) and the new amount of 1.50 will be shown as the selling price. Then Validate and Pay the amount.

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