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Manufacturing in Odoo

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Manufacturing in Odoo

Manufacturing in Odoo is more helpful for the production of manufactured product or the product is built by some other products with different quantities. The cosmetic products are good example, in that production use some raw material.

  • 1. In odoo manufacturing process is managed in Manufacturing module, so  first of all we have to install that module in our db, after installing another routing option (manufacture) is added in the product form.
  • Fig 1 :- Module for manufacturing
  • 2. There is 3 option in product form for routing, Buy, manufacture and make to order.
  • 3. If you work with no stock, or with minimum stock rules, it is better to use the Make To Order route.
  • 4. Combine it with the route Buy or Manufacture and it will trigger automatically the purchase order or the Manufacturing Order when your products are out-of-stock.

Fig 2 :- Product Form

5. The manufacturing orders are created under Manufacturing → Operations → Manufacturing Orders(MO). Before that we have to define the bill of materials that used for the production of that final product.

6. The material used for manufacturing are bill of material, that are configured in the Manufacturing → Master Data  → Bill of Materials as shown in the figure.

 Fig 3 :- Bill of Materials Form

Some fields are there

Product :-  Final product
Quantity :- The quantity of manufactured product (final product).
BoM Type : - two options are there
Manufacture this product :- When processing a sales order for this product, the delivery order will contain the finished product.
Ship this product as a set of components (kit) : - When processing a sales order for this product, the delivery order will contain the raw materials, instead of the finished product.
Components :-  The components used for the production of final product (raw materials).
Manufacturing Readiness :- two options are there
All components available :- The process is done when all components are available.
The component of 1st operation : - The process is done when any one of the component is available.
For example, the manufacture of a ball pen, first to create a product named with pen(final product).
The product must be stockable, routes must be manufacture and make to order.

Fig 4 :- Product Pen

After that create bill of material for this product.

Fig 5 :- Bill of Material for Pen

When the product is out of stock the manufacture order is automatically created, for example, now the stock of pen in zero, then create a sale order with quantity 1 and product Pen.

 Fig 6 :- Sale Order Form

The manufacture order is automatically created after validation of sale order.

Fig 7 :- Manufacturing Order Pen.

After the delivery order validation the product on hand quantity is become -1 as shown in the figure.

Fig 8 :- Product after sale order Form

  1. In manufacturing order Check availability button is used to check the availability of the raw materials.
  2. The Produce button is used to start the production of final product, Mark as Done is used mark the production is over and the final product is ready.
  3. After these operation the quantity of product will become 0. i.e., the negative quantity is managed by manufacturing order. As shown in the figure Fig 9
  4. So the stock of the final product(Pen) is managed by manufacturing order.
  5. For example, for update the stock of final product to 6, then create a manufacturing order, form the menu  Manufacturing → Operations → Manufacturing Orders(MO), as shown in the figure Fig 10.
  6. The raw materials are listed in Consumed Materials tab, and if the quantity of raw material is out of quantity then it is shown in a red color else the color will be green.
  7. Produce button will started the production of final product and Done is to update the quantity and notifies that the production is completed.
  8. After Mark as Done the quantity of final product is updated with 6 as shown in the figure Fig 11.

 Fig 9 :- Product after Manufacturing order Form

Fig 10 :-  Manufacturing order for quantity update.

Fig 11 :- Product after Manufacturing order for quantity update.

From this we get an idea about the manufacturing order and how to manage it in odoo. I hope that this will  be helpful to manage manufacturing order in odoo.

Thank you.