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Odoo-iOS Integrated Material Transfer Module

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Odoo-iOS Integrated Material Transfer Module

Material transfer refers to the transfer of materials like  machines, stationary items, other office documents, within the company having multiple branches/locations. Here we have introduced an Odoo - iOS integrated material transfer module for one of our client.

Key Features :

  1. Facilitate any kind of material transfer within the company having multiple locations
  2. iOS Integration
  3. Gate pass for each and Every Movement of the company assets
  4. Linked with Assets, Drivers, Employees of the company
  5. Bi-End Verification of Movements decreases Delivery Issues, Damage of Materials
  6. Enhance Tracking of deliveries within the company

Let's have a look how it works,

Go to Intercompany transfers -----> Material transfer .

A material transfer can be created there, which includes the details such as,
Transfer type : Normal (Direct transfer from one location to another location) or Re-forwarding (There will be an intermediate location), From Location, To Location, No. of Materials, Delivery Vehicle, Driver and Transfer Details which include Material type, Related Assset, Description and Delivery Condition. Save the details and click on Process Transfer. The state of material transfer will change from Draft to Pending, which physically means that after all verifications the transfer of that particular materials has started from location. The driver of that vehicle will be provided with a gate pass in which all the details regarding the materials are mentioned.

When the materials reach in the desired location, the authorised person will check the materials and like machines, stationary items, other office documents, etc:- within the company branches

When the material reach the desired location, the authorised person will click on ‘Accept Transfer’ and will check the material condition. The person have to enter the details such as Accepted Condition, State (In Transit or Delivered) and Accepted Comments. A material transfer process is complete now.

In the above figure, there is status of transfer given as Pending, Completed Delivery and Partial Delivered. ie, - If the state of the transfer of each material in that particular transfer is Delivered, the material transfer state will be Completed Delivered. Accepted Condition and Accepted Comment column will be filled according to the condition of materials.

The history of that transfer will be as follows, in which all the actions are complete and the Received User name and Completed Date are entered.

-If the state of transfer of each material is In Transit (not yet reached), the transfer state will be Pending. Accepted Condition and Accepted Comments columns are blank .

-If the state of transfer of materials are mixed ie, In Transit and Delivered. The transfer state will be Partial Delivered. Here some materials are yet to be reached. In such condition the Accepted Condition and Accepted Comments of delivered material are entered and rest will kept blank. In the history details also, delivered material actions are entered. Others are entered after delivering the pending materials.

The same is also integrated with the iOS app.

By Muhsina Shajahan, Vidya Shekhar and Prajul PT.

Courtesy Muhsina Shajahan