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Onsite Job Tracker App | Oddo - Android Integration

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Onsite Job Tracker App | Oddo - Android Integration

For any enterprise, it will be really useful to have an online service tracker for their employees, to assign tasks and there by evaluate their performance.

We introduced a new android app for one of our customer Dubai AC. It is an Odoo (OpenERP) synced online service tracker for each of the employees to assign their tasks for a day.The task updates gets easily synced with the existing ERP of the company.

Key Features
  1. Odoo ERP - Android App  integration
  2. GPS Tracking
  3. Offline Sync
  4. Integrated with task and timesheet module
  5. Job time & Break time tracking
Let's have a look how it works,
The manager of the company can create the tasks and assign to the responsible employee.
Erp Screen for the Manager to assign the task
Each employee of the company will be provided with a user credential . He can login in to the app with the credentials provided  which is the same for accessing the Odoo ERP.
Login Screen of the App for the Employee
When the user is logged into the app, all the tasks assigned to him for that day will be listed in Job screen of the app.
Task list for the Employee in the App
On selecting the first task (job),a screen will be displayed which has all the details of the selected task along with  3 buttons at the top of the screen .Start Travel, Start Job and Break.
Details of the Selected Task with the Necessary Buttons
The Start travel button is used to audit the travel time taken for the  employee or the team to reach the work site. This button is not mandatory as it is used only travel is required for Job.  On clicking Start travel, the starting time of the travel will be recorded within the device .
On reaching the destination the user needs to click on the Start Job button to begin the Job. The time recorded from the clicking the Start Travel button and then the Start Job button is taken as the travel time of the selected Job.
There is also an additional check on the Location of the user when the Start Job click is done. The current location of the user is compared to the given location of the task which is given by the ERP and allows the user only to start the job only if the location matches and the current location falls within the radius .
When  the Start Job button is clicked it be automatically changed to Update Job and it works as a toggle button
If the employee need a break, he have to click on Break button.Currently the break time is given as one hour which the employee can avail only one during a day.On taking a break by the user  one hour  will be decreased from his job time.
The user can click on the Update Job button only after one hour after clicking the Break button
When the job is done, the user clicks on Update Job on which a pop-up window will appear 
Update Job Screen for the Employee
The Service Request No which  has to be entered by the user which is relevant to the specific job done by the user.If the job is completed and the invoices are signed by the vendor, click on the buttons Customer Signed and Completed.Then click on Submit.
On clicking the Submit button, the details are updated in the system and with the job time and employee details will be pushed to the server (OpenERP) and get synced with it.
The pushed data to the server is shown below as Time Sheet,in which the travel time (time interval between start travel to start job), job time (time interval between start job to update job) in hours, job reference,task name,task type are loaded.
Synced data in the ERP . with travel time and Job Time
Each tasks of the employee for that particular day can be completed like this.So the manager can effectively evaluate the performance of each employees.
This app works well in OFFLINE mode too, all the data are saved into the device if the device does not have a valid data connection. Once the connection is reestablished the app syncs the latest data to the Odoo server thereby enabling the user to use the app even at remote locations. 
This Odoo-Android integration from our team was a great success . Hoping for more such successful ventures in the future again.
Thank You 
By ZestyBlog Team and Stackon Technologies 

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