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Remote Support for OpenERP on a server without Public IP....

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fahad's picture

Remote Support for OpenERP on a server without Public IP....

         Most of us will be connected to Internet either through dailup or
  broadband connection provided by service providers or from the LAN network hidden
 from outside world.In both the cases system make use of either dynamic IP provided by the
 service provider which may change each time newly connected or network private ip which
 cannot be used or not visible to outside world.Now question is how can we access such
 system and make use of the services running on that system.

            Consider the situation that you were working In OpenERP at home with your PC or laptop connected
to a Internet through modem. Now you might need to access local OpenERP from your office or work location
for any reference. Reverse SSH tunneling, the process forwards the local machine service to a remote machine
in a secure way helps us here.

              Now at the home pc,to make it accessible from office later you can type at the command line,
                   sudo nohup ssh -f -N -R 8070:localhost:45678 root@<Your Office Public IP>
                                        8070  is the netrpc port of OpenERP running at home
                                       45678   is the remote port on server 
                                      <Office Public IP> Contact your system administrator for Public IP and root password
                         Note : Make sure there are no services running on remote office server port going to be used
                                   for tunneling can also use web interface remotely instead of 8070 change it
                                  into 8080 local web running port.

              At Office You can acces OpenERP running at home by using the public IP  and port 45678 to which
              you have forwarded.

              It is also possible to login into your system at home by issuing the following command,you will 
              get shell interface as if you were working at home,from your office

                    sudo nohup ssh -f -N -R 22:localhost:45679 root@<Your Office Public IP>
               You can login into local home mcahine from any where by using,
                    ssh root@<Your Office Public IP> -p 45679

            Same can be applied  for machine inside LAN network which uses NAT service to get connected 
to Internet.Similarily Support service can be provided for OpenERP in your system even though you don't
have public ip.Thinking that this blog might had helped you.....                                                 


Ghazi's picture

Hi Fahad Nice trick bro. I am

Hi Fahad

Nice trick bro.
I am interested in this trick (Dyndns) with open erp but in windows.
any help for me.


fahad's picture

Hi Ghazi,   You can register

Hi Ghazi,

  You can register at with your dynamic ip , You can use ipconfig command at the command prompt
 to view your current dynamic ip provided by the service provider.

  Now you can access openerp by using server and web ports along with the hostname registered.
  thinking that this might help you.please update me if there are any issues or incase of any queries.


Ghazi's picture

Hi Fahad Thanks for your tip

Hi Fahad

Thanks for your tip , I follow and registered with
and now I can ping my host successfully.
but I tried to access openerp over web browser and GTK client and it doesn't work.
I think that there is something called IP forwarding should be done.
Any help with this step ( my router is linksys )

Thanks and regards

Vivien Brookshire's picture

I like it when individuals

I like it when individuals come together and share ideas. Great blog, keep it up!

fahad's picture

Hi Ghazi,   Please go

Hi Ghazi,

  Please go through this forum which would might help you..



Ghazi's picture

Hi Fahad I am my way reading

Hi Fahad

I am my way reading throught this forum.
can I have your email address to check on together.


fahad's picture

  Hi Ghazi,   You can


Hi Ghazi,

  You can contact me at

Eric Caudal's picture

Very interesting trick. I

Very interesting trick.

I solved the problem of the dynamic IP throught and a TP Link routeur.
The routeur automatically broadcast IP changes to dyndns and dyndns provides public DNS services for dynamic IP address (for 30 USD/yr).

Works like a charm as well.

fhe's picture

Hello, does the

Hello, does the same for free and is very easy to set up. The program launches in the background and is available in the systray.

fahad's picture

 Hello Eric           thanks

 Hello Eric

          thanks for the comment and idea......