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Stock Closing Module - Trace where your stocks getting wrong !!!

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Stock Closing Module - Trace where your stocks getting wrong !!!

Do you want to trace out where your stock values going wrong in your ERP?

Facing issues because of the stock problems in your Business ?
Then this module may help you ...
We have developed this module (for open-erp version - 6.1) for comparing the physical stock with the system stock daily and trace out the stock violation.

 I am just giving an introduction on how this module works

Stock Closing part by Shop User

  1. Stock closing is simply taking the physical stock of some products (say: 2)from the shop and recording it in your ERP .
  2. Go to stock closing menu in POS Backend, The no of products to be checked for that day is assigned by the system on clicking a button load products .For that, system checks the stock movement of the products in the last few months and generate 2 of them in a cyclic manner each day .
  3. User can take a print of the generated products after loading the products. Go to the shelves and take the stock of each manually.
  4. Come back and enter your results in the ERP ie: the physical stock of each product.
  5. Click on Close Stock button. Then the task for the shop user is over .


Stock closing before clicking the button load products :click on the load products button loads as such products we specified 

  • Details such as closing date , closed by , shop , stock location fields loads automatically.


Stock closing after clicking the button load products :

  • After clicking the 'load products' button once , it will be invisible 
  • 'Take Print' button gives a print of the loaded products and the user can record the physical stocks of that by hand.
  • 'Close Stock' button closes the stock and sends email notification to warehouse manager


Sample report generated : The physical stock is entered by the shop user in the report and later it is to be entered in the erp before closing

Closed Stock Checking Part by Warehose Manager

  1. Now its the turn of the warehouse manager to check the closed stock of the shop
  2. He will be alerted with an email notification containing a report of the stock of closed products , closed user and the shop where the stock is closed.
  3. The report contain results such as system stock , physical stock , stock variation (difference between system and physical stock values) , status( if variation is zero status will be Ok or if the variation is a non zero value then the status will be Not OK), etc ..
  4. So simply looking on the report itself you will get an information on the stock violation . so you can check the stock moves of that particular product and say where the stock went wrong
  5. Finally the manager can login and approve the closed stocks by the shop user if things get cleared .

Sample Email notification , after stock closing

Sample attached report with email notification : All the relevent datas included in the report


Daily stock closing report menu : shows the closed products details as we obtained from the report you can click on the check mark in the right of each line and approve the stock close


Stock Closing Menu : Finally in the stock closing menu we could see the stock close approved by the Warehouse Manager

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This is brilliant writing and

This is brilliant writing and useful module...! I follow your company blogs and its very informative. hopefully I will soon need these modules!