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Telephone Expense Tracker Module for Odoo

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Telephone Expense Tracker Module for Odoo

We have developed a module for tracking, comparing and Accounting the Telephone Expense. Following are the details of the module.

Go to the Menu : Invoicing > Telephone expense tracker > Telephone Directory

Add the mobile numbers of Providers like below.

Open each mobile number and Add the Account Allocation and Group Allocation Accordingly.

Below I am showing a sample of Account and and Group Allocation of the Etisalat Provider

Account allocation

Group Allocation

This will be a one time configuration after this setting, 

1. Go to the Menu Telephone Expense Tracker > Telephone Expenses

2. Create a new record, select the provider, the current month and year, previous month and year to be compared. In the other information Tab, Select the Posting voucher, the Credit Account and the Notes.

3. Then the system will load the Phone numbers of all the selected provider.

4. Fill the Amounts for each phone, Click on Compare with previous month button, It will load the previous month result and compare with the current month

5. Click on the Load Accounting Info, It will load the accounting info according to the Configuration.\

6. Confirm the Expense after verifying.

This will create the ​Journal Entry in the Accounts. The Entry generated will be shown in the Posted Voucher Field After that. Whenever you make the payments, Enter the Payment Voucher, Bank, Check no, Bank and Remarks as well.

The following will be the Printout of the information we have entered

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