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Working with Webkit Report on OpenERP

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Working with Webkit Report on OpenERP

Webkit Reports on OpenERP

      OpenERP have many methods for creating reports, on which webkit reports have some special features which makes an enviornment for easy and faster creation of reports, particularly for a web developer. 

The main features are:

  • Full OpenERP Compliance (translation, formatLang, pdf/html output)
  • Super fast printing (thousands of pages in a second)
  • HTML & CSS-3 Reports definition
  • Multi-plateform (Windows, Linux, OS X)
  • Multi-header support with full image support (per report and/or per company)
  • Multi-company compliant
  • Full JavaScript support
  • Easy paper-size, margin and format selection
  • And more : easy to use, raw HTML debugger, full featured integrated WYSIWYG editor,


      In the OpenERP (v6), open the module list and install the module report_webkit.
The module creates two new menu
  1. Administration / Companies / Company's Structure / Header IMG
  2. Administration / Companies / Company's Structure / Header HTMLs


And also adds a new tab 'Webkit' in company's form veiw

Now download wkhtmltopdf-i386 from and in OpenERP goto 'webkit' tab in form view of Company and give the path of  wkhtmltopdf-i386(see the above figure).


      Open the menu Administration / Companies / Company's Structure / Header IMG, and add the static images used for the reporting, for eg., company logo etc.


     The Header HTML, contains the settings for the report contents, styling and page setup etc. You can add CSS styles like exactly using for web. The put the header design on header field. The images can be placed using the reference $ helper.embed_logo_by_name('img_name')}.  The ${company} referes to the object of company and ten fields of company can be fetch like ${ |entity}. The footer field designs the footer of reports.


From the tab Page Setup contains the page settings of report, includes orientation, page size and page margins. 


Sample module

      Install the module report_webkit_sample and goto Accounting / Customer / Customer Invoices. A new print action 'Webkit Report' can see on right side, it will print the sample invoice report.

This webkit report is shown below


Blog written by
Mohamed Arif MP