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OpenERP development environment in Windows using Eclipse.

 In this blog we will go through some steps required in setting up OpenERP for customization under eclipse in windows.
Before going into the details, let me remind every one that Linux distros preferably ubuntu is the best platform to do developments in OpenERP. This may be useful to only those insit development to be done in Windows.

Versions Used:

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Remote Support for OpenERP on a server without Public IP....

         Most of us will be connected to Internet either through dailup or
  broadband connection provided by service providers or from the LAN network hidden
 from outside world.In both the cases system make use of either dynamic IP provided by the
 service provider which may change each time newly connected or network private ip which
 cannot be used or not visible to outside world.Now question is how can we access such

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Can Joomla Users login In OpenERP Using LDAP??????

               Hi all,I am deciding to cover the entire topic of enbling joomla created user accounts
to login in openerp with the help of centralized authentication tool ldap in two parts.first part here
covers ldap installation and its integration with openerp,so that ldap users can login in
openerp with their accounts created in openerp.

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Setting ssl proxy for OpenERP-web

Https for the client-web, encrypts communication between your webbrowser and client-web server  which is connected to openerp-server.To enable https for the you can  use web-server and use  its proxy functions.

           1. Enabling apache proxy module can be done by

                              sudo a2enmod proxy ssl proxy_http

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WebDAV in OpenERP

           WebDAV (Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning)  is an open, published standard that allows you to edit documents on a remote web server.
WebDAV supports the following features:

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OpenERP Installation In Linux

     OpenERP works as a structure of Server and Client(either GTK client or web client).In this blog we will go through OpenERP server, gtk-client, web-client installations by downloading  source.
OpenERP Server Installation
Install the required packages which include mainly python and its libraries.For the installation pupose we can use the following commands at the terminal