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Retail ERP

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Business Challenge

There were companies their primary business was related to sales goods with multiple retails, online shop and their own warehouses.Their requirement was to connect all their units under one ERP.

Zesty Solution

We had given solution with modules

  1. Retail POS
  2. Customer Survey
  3. Q-Management System
  4. SMS and Email Campaigns
  5. Wholesale Store
  6. Vehicle Deliveries
  7. E-commerce Connector module
  8. Purchases
  9. Inventory
  10. Accounting
  11. Human Resource
  12. Reports

Retail POS we had given touch screen based POS interface with integrations to Customer Price Display, Thermal Printers, Weight Scale, Barcode Scanner enabled with price/quantity label scanning, Kitchen Order Ticket printing for Fresh items to be processed, Mobile Application for Deliveries.

Customer Loyalty, Gifts etc was also enabled

POS work online and offline.
Daily POS Consolidated email will be sent automatically from system to stakeholders

We had made solutions to take stock count daily as a routine task which was integrated to the Mobile application for fast process

Customer Survey module was there for to take the feedback of the store which was provided as an attractive app. So the instore customer will update their feedback and their contact will be used for promotional activities

Module for Q-Management system based sales for separate POS counters added on festival days to reduce the rush. Tokens will be taken for items and customer will wait for the order to be processed by the Kitchen Department

SMS integration was done for promotional activities

Wholesale store was provided with facility of taking order through calls which was operated by multiple sales person. Confirmed orders will be sent to the store for dispatch activities. Dispatch of goods was enabled with batch processing in such a way that, multiple orders to the same vehicle will be loaded to a lot, each and every item will be delivered based on the batch number.

Delivery Tracking module was provided to track multiple fleet sent for sales. The orders loaded, driver, helper, odometer reading, cash collections if any, other expenses can be tracked with this module and the same will be connected to the Sales, Accounts and inventory modules.

Wholesale details was also automatically sent to the stakeholders daily.

The web-shop orders was integrated by E-commerce module ( Odoo-ecommerce, Magento, Woo-commerce). Orders placed by customer will be synced to the ERP. Sales and accounts will confirm the order and the same will be processed and delivered by inventory and dispatch departments accordingly.

Purchase of goods was handed by the procurement and purchase department. Each products was tracked by batch number, the vendor, quantity, expiry dates etc.

Provision for Managing minimum stock rules, Delivery lead time was there.

Inventory Module was enabled with Product creation request and accept module in order to maintain proper data in the system and to avoid the duplicate products for better analysis.

In out movements history module was there, inter company transfers rack-row based inventory management systems was also there.

Accounting module was there which connects multiple companies  and divisions. All the accounting activities was automated from the concerned department, the accounts team will track the transactions and verify the same for auditing purpose.

For retail, we had provided a module to manage daily sales cash, carry forward, bank deposits, purchase expenses other expenses, the same will be tracked and reconciled by the accounts department from a single operating unit.

Module to manage intercompany expenses and revenue was there to reduce the accounts multiple entries in multiple chart of accounts.

Human Resource module was provided with Attendance, Leave, Transfers, Payroll, Travel Management, Expiry reminders etc.

We had provided with multiple kind of reports.

Automated Email Content reports for daily consolidated mails. PDF reports ,Excel Reports,Graphical representations, Quick reports on Mobile Applications etc.