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Cashier Analysis Module - Analyse What is happening in your Cash Drawer


The module is to analyse the cashiers sitting on various branches of a company . Like a CCTV without Camera :)

This may be useful

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Working with Webkit Report on OpenERP

Webkit Reports on OpenERP

      OpenERP have many methods for creating reports, on which webkit reports have some special features which makes an enviornment for easy and faster creation of reports, particularly for a web developer. 

The main features are:

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Domestic(India) IT Market trends.

 Some of the encouraging trends of the domestic IT market are:
    •  Domestic IT market grew at 22.4% in 2010
    •  In 2011, IT and ITeS industry is expected to grow at 20%, with the domestic market
       growing at 22.4% compared to the IT and ITeS export market growth of 18.9%
    •  E-governance is high on the agenda of Central govt. and most state governments.

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Current Affairs in Asia & its Impact on Global Economy

For last few weeks Asia has been the center of attraction for all wrong reasons.