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Backup and Restore of complete OpenERP in Linux(Ubuntu)

This is just some simple tips for moving an OpenERP server instance and Database from a Linux server to another Linux physical server. Normally Debain based Ubuntu is recommend to install OpenERP. Hope this will help at least some beginners. Good luck :) This process is normally done using linux commands as mentioned below.

1) On Source Server
.ssh to existing OpenERP server as the user running OpenERP

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Sending Emails from OpenERP Using the Module 'smtpclient'

    OpenERP has many methods and modules to handle the emailing functionality flexibly. One among them is the module named 'smtpclient'. Once the module is installed the following menus are created .


Administration/Configuration/Sendmail Services
Administration/Configuration/Sendmail Services/SMTP Servers
Administration/Configuration/Sendmail Services/SMTP Servers/Message Queue
Administration/Configuration/Sendmail Services/SMTP Servers/Sent Email History

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OpenERP Magento integration

Magento is a good platform for front end of your web shop and Open ERP acts as a perfect back office application supporting all the business processes required by a company.

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