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Sales commissions module in OpenERP

Here I am goinig to explain how to use Sale Commission module in OpenERP 6.1. This module is already available in the This module is very usefull for many business organisation which provides an easy and low cost automaton of sale commission allocation to there employees and agents.

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Production Lots, Tracebility and Expiry of Prodcuts

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Working with Webkit Report on OpenERP

Webkit Reports on OpenERP

      OpenERP have many methods for creating reports, on which webkit reports have some special features which makes an enviornment for easy and faster creation of reports, particularly for a web developer. 

The main features are:

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OpenERP Magento integration

Magento is a good platform for front end of your web shop and Open ERP acts as a perfect back office application supporting all the business processes required by a company.

Connector Features