OpenERP | service offerings

The team at Zesty Beanz has been involved with OpenERP based development works since 2006 when the application was known as TinyERP. The company has been involved in key contributions to the improvement of application in the various versions. The company has been executing OpenERP implementation for partners and customers in about 30 countries.

The Zesty Beanz advantages are:

OpenERP | overview

Open ERP is the fastest growing Free & open-source business management solution. It is an integrated ERP architecture that optimizes work flow of an organization by bringing functions that were once housed with their own database such as financial, manufacturing, sales, purchases and warehouse management into a unified database that one can manage from a single point.

Quality Management

OpenERP provides a module to manage the quality of your products or your services. The ‘repairs management’ module allows to organise after-sales services.

Open Source ERP

Open Source ERP

Automation has become inevitable in almost all streams of industry.The result was an astonishing hike in the demand for Information Technology Services.