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The portal modules allows you to provide accesses on your system to customers or suppliers. Show only a part of your OpenERP application without developing all modules of your system. It is a useful module to allow customers, partners, suppliers, ... to use your system for particular tasks.

OpenERP provides tools to organise phone campaigns. You can configure different workflows for the operator. It’s fully integrated with the CRM so that you can use relationship management facilities: segmentations of customers, automated rules, escalation of cases, transform phone calls to opportunities, questionnaires, etc.

E-mail gateways can automatize and update cases in the CRM via e-mails. Users can create, assign or update cases to the CRM simply by sending or receiving e-mails without going into OpenERP interface. This module is a very useful tool to manage all from generic e-mails from the company (info, sales, support,...) and is dedicated to allow users to assign cases.

The direct marketing modules manages and automatizes the development, execution and monitoring of campaigns across multiple channels. It provides tools to manage offers, campaigns, steps, workflows, etc. The report composition engine allows you to create bulk documents.

The generic OpenERP Customer Relationship Management system enables a group of people to intelligently and efficiently manage leads, opportunities, tasks, issues, requests, bugs, campaign, claims, etc. It manages key tasks such as communication, identification, prioritization, assignment, resolution and notification.
OpenERP ensures that all cases are successfully tracked by users, customers and suppliers. It can automatically send reminders, escalate the request, trigger specific methods and lots of others actions based on your enterprise own rules.

OpenERP provides about 20 modules related to human resources management. Some modules will allow you to manage the skills of your employees, you can relate these to the periodical evaluation or the contract.

This module’s main task is to control the holiday’s schedule of your company. It allow employees to requests holidays. Then, managers can review requests for holiday, and control the overall holiday’s planning for the company or department.

This module allows you to manage your company’s daily expenses. It gives you access to your employees notes fees and give you the right to complete and validate the notes of a period or to refuse them. After validation it creates an invoice for the employee.
Employee can encode their own expenses and the validation flow puts it automatically in the accounting after validation of managers.

This module allows you to manage your employee’s attendances, their leaves and absences requests, plan the company’s calendar and shows the time attended to projects. It gives you access to your employees schedule and give you the right to complete and validate their timesheets. The main objective of this module is to follow working hours of current projects and costs implications.

This module provides functionality to manage multi-warehouses, multi and structured stock locations. For each warehouse, input location, output location and stock location can be defined.