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Hospital Management System in OpenERP is a bundle of modules handling different kinds of operations associated with health and hospital management. The main module basically handles medical records including patient related information. All other modules are optional. Those modules deal with functionalities like hospitalization, surgery, lab, invoicing, medical classifications etc.

Features at a glance

  1. Strong focus in family medicine and Primary Health Care
  2. Major interest in Socio-economics (housing conditions, substance abuse, education...)
  3. Diseases and Medical procedures standards (like ICD-10 / ICD-10-PCS ...)
  4. Patient Genetic and Hereditary risks: Over 4200 genes related to diseases (NCBI / Genecards)
  5. Epidemiological and other statistical reports
  6. 100% paperless patient examination and history taking
  7. Patient Administration (creation, evaluations / consultations, history ... )
  8. Doctor Administration
  9. Lab Administration
  10. Medicine / Drugs information 
  11. Medical stock and supply chain management
  12. Hospital Financial Administration


  • Health and Hospital Information 

        Handles patients, physicians, appointments, prescriptions, diseases, medical procedures, insurances etc

  • Genetics

       This module includes information related to hereditary risks, family history and genetic disorders. The NCBI and Genecard

        information is also included in this module. More than 4200 genes associated with diseases are listed.

  • Gynecology and obstetrics 

        Handles Gynecological Information, Obstetric information, Perinatal Information and Puerperium

  • International Classification of Diseases - ICD-10

       This module loads a list of disease categories by WHO - International Classification of Diseases for MEDICAL - 10th revision

  • Procedure Coding System - ICD10-PCS

       This module loads a list of Procedure Coding System for Medical: ICD-10-PCS. The ICD-10. Procedure Coding System

       (ICD-10-PCS) is system of medical classification used for procedural codes.

  • Lifestyle

       Gathers information about the habits and sexuality of the patient

  • Socioeconomics

       This module takes care of the input of all the socio-economic factors that influence the health of the individual / family and


  • Laboratory

       Handles Lab tests: Values, reports and PoS.

  • Surgery

        This module adds surgery related information in patient tab

  • Inpatient: Hospitalization

        Handles hospitalization of patients

  • Medical Invoice

       This module add functionality to create invoices for doctor's consulting charge, medical lab tests etc.