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shihas's picture

Google map-openerp integration for vehicle tracking.

Using fleet module you can manage your vehicles, vehicle's contracts using fleet module.The attractive features of fleet module are:-

1.You can add vehicles to your fleet.
2.Manage contracts for vehicles.
3.Alert when a contract reach its expiration date.
4.Add services, fuel log entry, odometer values for all vehicles. all costs associated to a vehicle or to a type of service with help of analysis graph for costs.

Eric's picture

I am interested with your

I am interested with your module. But what kind of gps device do you use? brand, model?

So basically it is linked up with the physical gps hardware installed on each vehicles?

jjlopezg's picture

is possible to obtain such

is possible to obtain such module

shihas's picture

yes. You can contact

yes. You can contact

Anonymous's picture

I sent you some emails to

I sent you some emails to know how to get the zb_track module without feedback and reply. How can i proceed to get it. Thanks

Robin's picture

Asset Management in OpenERP

OpenERP uses account_asset module for managing an organization's assests, it helps you to Manage the assets owned by your company and keep track of depreciation occurred on those assets. This module also create  account entries based on the depreciation lines

Asset Management module in OpenERP provide the following fuctionality:

Anonymous's picture

hello can you help me, i have

hello can you help me, i have a problem with open erp

Robin's picture

Ofcourse Please..

Ofcourse Please..

Anonymous's picture

i have a problem when i like

i have a problem when i like to filter product (when i shoose a product line)in sale order line , with the contain of champ in sale order.
can you help me.
can you give me your skype or your mail,
I'm from tunisia i bloqued for this situation.

valentines day gifts's picture

Excellent information on your

Excellent information on your blog, thank you for taking the time to share with us. Amazing insight you have on this, it's nice to find a website that details so much information about different artists.

Prajul P T's picture

OpenERP 7 Web Color Theme

One of the main feature of OpenERP 7 is the extend of the customization that can be done on both frontend and backend. But for a normal user to do some basic customization on the frontend of the OpenERP, he must have some knowledge in CSS and JavaScript. But in most of the cases the end user who uses the OpenERP will not have much knowledge in those fields.

Esteban Echeverry's picture

Very nice! Unfortunately it

Very nice! Unfortunately it doesn't work in Odoo version 8. Any migration plans? Thanks a lot.

Nisthulan's picture

Dear Prajul, This module is

Dear Prajul,
This module is very nice.
Thank you for sharing.

Can we set Different Color themes, for Different Companies in a Multi-Company Environment?
Please let me knowm how to achieve it.

Prajul P T's picture

Hi,     Yes we can achive


    Yes we can achive that. Right now it is not implemented in the module. In this module, the details of the color theme is stored in a table. So if we can set some rule based on company, we can set colors based on each company.

Malcom Rivers's picture

Superb post. Thank a lot man.

Superb post.
Thank a lot man.

L Jack's picture

Hi, This is very nice and


This is very nice and much needed. However I keep getting the xmlhttprequesterror even though I updated the module list. Can you help me please? Thank you.

L Jack

bechir's picture

Merci :) bon travail

Merci :) bon travail

Kristian Koci's picture

Super awesome! Thank you very

Super awesome!

Thank you very much!

Nestor's picture

Very usefull. Thanks for

Very usefull. Thanks for sharing and your really open source spirit. I can't wait to learn about openerp to begin creating and sharing new stuff.

As a matter of bug report, after installing web_color_theme module, I receive an XmlHttpRequestError alert window (which disapears in two seconds) every time I close session.


Anonymous's picture

Unzipped "web_color_theme"

Unzipped "web_color_theme" into "addons/", but the module is nowhere to be found at the administrator frontend. Version 7.0-20130904-231132

Prajul P T's picture

Hi,     Please Update the


    Please Update the module list and try again..

Anoop P's picture

Menu Level security In OpenERP V7

Many of our customer reported a security issue in OpenERP through web browser. If we copy a Url from Admin, and login as another user, where that menu restricted, the restricted user will be able access that pages and work on it. This is an OpenERP issues, where the menus are only “hidden” and not “restricted” to users. This can be a security issue if the pages are registred in search engines or If someone who is expert in OpenERP access the data.

WASS's picture

Great work; Still a user can

Great work;
Still a user can modify the ids in the url: for exemple an employee can view all the employees in the company via changing the id:

Anonymous's picture

I have save in addons folder

I have save in addons folder & ticke technical feature box in user ,& i gad many time update amodule list , but not shown in module list

Frank's picture

This module seems not

This module seems not working. It causes blanks after I install it.

Anoop P's picture

Hi Frank, We checked and

Hi Frank,

We checked and didn't found any issue. Could you please logout first and then login again.  

kothu's picture

Hello, can you tell me i have

Hello, can you tell me i have a problem concerned with accounting and purchasepayment?

1. When i click payment button using multi-currency,
Entry "EXJ/2013/0117" is not valid ! appears.So, how can i solve that?
Ko Thu

S@@D's picture

It will be more complete if

It will be more complete if it support the multi-languages

Anonymous's picture

does it support multilanguage

does it support multilanguage search?

Anonymous's picture

Thanks for you module, it's

Thanks for you module, it's very good.
Can you add shortcut key to focus to search box. Example: Ctrl+?

Prajul P T's picture

Hi,     We have another


    We have another module for this. Please try

Anonymous's picture

Thanks for you module, it's

Thanks for you module, it's very good.
Can you add shortcut key to focus to search box. Example: Ctrl+?

monuka's picture

Thank you for another

Thank you for another wonderful article. Where else may just anyone get that kind of information in such a perfect method of writing? I have a presentation next week, and I am at the look for such information sua may in

Anonymous's picture

Users can have different

Users can have different options available for customization. When I log n as admin, I see the Debug View select with these options:

  • View Log (perm_read)
  • View Fields
  • Fields View Get
  • Manage Views
  • Edit FormView
  • Edit SearchView
  • Edit Action
  • Edit Workflow

When I log in as a user I get:

  • View Log (perm_read)
  • View Fields
  • Fields View Get
Anonymous's picture

This blog is so nice to me. I

This blog is so nice to me. I will keep on coming here again and again. Visit my link as well.. Buy Valium Online

Anonymous's picture

I forgot to add that the

I forgot to add that the above post is for Developer Mode. Different selections are available from the Debug View select based on how you log in to openERP, and then activate Developer Mode.

Vivek Rajan's picture

Hi Neema, Your post is really

Hi Neema, Your post is really beautiful as you are. Thank you for the wonderful information you have shared with all.

Johnson Mayer's picture

Great blog entry, Neema -

Great blog entry, Neema - ZestyBeanz is really amazing with its ability in keeping OpenERP stories live and informative.. keep up the team work.

Tejas's picture

Really Impressive. Please

Really Impressive.

Please provide me feed/rss/atom. So I can add on feed list.

Mariel's picture

This ԁesign іs steller! You

This ԁesign іs steller! You dеfinitely know how to κеep a геadeг amused. Betωеen your wit and уour ѵideos, I waѕ almost moved to start my own blοg (well, almοst. ..ΗaHа!) Wοnderful јοb. I reаlly enjoyed what you had to say, аnd moгe than that, how you presented it. Too coοl!

eh.dem's picture

Very good presentation. I

Very good presentation.

I want to know how can I hide some buttons for certain users in OpenERP.


Anonymous's picture

hi , If you want to hide

hi ,

If you want to hide some button ,it is based on object access,
Goto setting - users - groups - and add users to groups, now there you can see access rights , In their only you will be able to show or hide the button .

Vishnu Devaraj's picture

Rental Solution using OpenERP

    'Rental Solution in OpenERP', provided by Zesty Beanz is an integration of popular OpenERP modules 'crm' and 'rent'. The solution converts leads and opportunities into rent order and manges the return of the rented products without affecting stock equations and accounting parameters. Let's have a look into the flow of events


1. Create Lead

Menu : Sale > Leads

TSRalex's picture

Hello, just the question

Hello, just the question about the possibilities, in using the rentals-module in Odoo 8/9?

Thanks! :-)

Karthik's picture

Dear Vishnu, I am a user of

Dear Vishnu,

I am a user of Openerp 6.1 and was trying to install this rent module. When trying to install its asking for openlib module. I downloaded the module from openerp donwloads addressed as trunk version. I am unsure if its for the right 6.1 version. I need your help to get this installed. will appreciate if provided assistance in this regards. thanks


Ph. Decresson's picture

Hi, this module is

this module is corresponding for a need for one of my customer.
Is your module available ?
If yes, where can i upload it ?

Vishnu Devaraj's picture

  The modified module is

  The modified module is attached here.

miltonlab's picture

I can't install rent, openerp

I can't install rent, openerp say me i haven't openlib module and i can't install it too.

Prajul P T's picture

Email using email_template in OpenERP 6.1

email_template is a default module of OpenERP which is used to send emails from OpenERP. It is much easier than smtp_client and the template of the mail can be easily customized. We can configure outgoing email server and template of email_template from Setting > Configuration > Email. The outgoing mail server of email_template can be configured from "Outgoing Mail Servers" in  Setting > Configuration > Email. The following is a screenshot of configuring outgoing mail server in email_template.

Anonymous's picture

Hello, Followed above steps

Followed above steps for my module latest_base. However system displays following error

AttributeError: 'latest_base' object has no attribute 'message_post'

Any idea to fix this issue.. Thanks

Anonymous's picture

Hi Prajul, First of all, very

Hi Prajul,

First of all, very good post.

I experiencing some issues with sending a mail using the sidebar button created from the template and with the files attached.

I created a template for sales.order. What I want to do is have a button on the side bar to send a mail to the partner with the sales quotation before I confirm the order. To send the quotation I want either attach the pdf or create a table within the body of the message with the html table with the order lines. I couldn't achieve any case.

To set up the template I create the structure of the body in both, plain and html text. At the tab 'Advanced' in the field 'Optional report to print and attach' I select 'Quotation / Order', and I added the sidebar button.

When I send a mail by clicking on the sidebar button from the Sale order form, the pop-up shows up and I send the mail. But if I go to Settings->Configuration->Email->Messages the mail I am gonna send is there. But taking a look inside the body is plain (according to 'Message type' in tab 'Advanced' and what I see) and there is not any document attached. All this is verified when I send and I get the mail.

I have several questions:

To attach the quotation pdf, it has to be already created and attached to the order?
Where can I define the type of the mail to html?

Thank you in advance

Bouilleaux Kevin's picture

It's difficult to find

It's difficult to find educated people in this particular topic, but you seem like you know what you're
talking about! Thanks

positionnement google's picture

Hello i'm Lashawn , i'm on

Hello i'm Lashawn , i'm on your page for the first time and i was searching about this topic , zesty beanz ,since 2 or 3 hours! Many thanks you make my day!! Keep Writing, it's so informative and cool news on Reply to comment | Zesty Beanz.

Prajul P T's picture

Thank you sir, thank you very

Thank you sir, thank you very much......

Marie's picture

Hello, First of all thanks


First of all thanks for your post!!!

I have an issue with a template for meeting as I would like to send the mail to all attendees and not just to the partner contact.

the object I take is ${object.attendee_ids}
and the result is [browse_record(calendar.attendee, 148), browse_record(calendar.attendee, 149)]

I need to get the emails of the attendee but don't know how to do this as it's a many2many field.

Could you help me with this?

I'm using openerp 6.1

Many Thanks

get more views's picture

Hello, I enjoy reading

Hello, I enjoy reading through your article. I like to write a little comment to support you.

Prajul P T's picture

You are always welcome...

You are always welcome...

Prajul P T's picture

Hi Marie, Please try  <%

Hi Marie,

Please try 

<% y = [ for z in object.attendee_ids] %>${','.join(y)} 

where email is the field for email in the related model of attendee_ids.

Marie's picture

Dear Prajul, I started to

Dear Prajul,

I started to implement Openerp v7 and the code I used <?php y = [ for z in object.attendee_ids?>${','.join(y)} is not longer working.

I get errors like openerp.addons.email_template.email_template: failed to render mako template value u"<?php y = [ for z in object.partner_ids?>${','.join(y)}"

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/opt/openerp/server/openerp/addons/email_template/", line 99, in render_template
result = mako_template_env.from_string(template).render(variables)
File "/usr/lib64/python2.6/site-packages/jinja2/", line 669, in render
return self.environment.handle_exception(exc_info, True)
File "", line 1, in top-level template code
File "/usr/lib64/python2.6/site-packages/jinja2/", line 225, in getattr
value = getattr(obj, attribute)
UndefinedError: 'browse_record' object has no attribute 'partner_id'
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/opt/openerp/server/openerp/addons/email_template/", line 99, in render_template
result = mako_template_env.from_string(template).render(variables)
File "/usr/lib64/python2.6/site-packages/jinja2/", line 563, in from_string
return cls.from_code(self, self.compile(source), globals, None)
File "/usr/lib64/python2.6/site-packages/jinja2/", line 448, in compile
self.handle_exception(exc_info, source_hint=source)
File "", line 1, in template
TemplateSyntaxError: unknown tag 'y'

I think to understand that the issue is the variable but can't find out how to solve it

Best regards

Anonymous's picture

Is php version effects custom

Is php version effects custom module installation in vtiger crm ? my php version is 5.2.

Anonymous's picture

Hi, I did all changes in new


I did all changes in new module still getting error while uploading module

"Invalid file provided for module import! Try Again."

Error is coming might be because of vtiger version i am using.
My vtiger version is 5.4.0

Anonymous's picture

Hello, I created a module for

I created a module for vtiger But when i upload this module in the module manager i got a error like:
dUnzip2: File 'manifest.xml' is not compressed in the zip.

Warning: simplexml_load_file() [function.simplexml-load-file]: I/O warning : failed to load external entity "test/vtlib/manifest-1369213987.xml" in G:\wamp\www\crmdev\vtlib\Vtiger\PackageImport.php on line 54

Warning: unlink(test/vtlib/manifest-1369213987.xml) [function.unlink]: No such file or directory in G:\wamp\www\crmdev\vtlib\Vtiger\PackageImport.php on line 55

What is the error? how can i fix this?

Anonymous's picture

just put all content in .zip

just put all content in .zip file


Anonymous's picture

I have done the job but when

I have done the job but when clicking on testModule it is giving following error

Warning: require(modules/Events/language/en_us.lang.php) [function.require]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in C:\Program Files\vtigercrm-5.4.0\apache\htdocs\vtigerCRM\include\utils\utils.php on line 498.

I am using windows 7 and accesing the testModule folder outside of Vtiger installation folder.

Please help. Awaiting an early reply.


program pit's picture

Hello great blog! Does

Hello great blog! Does running a blog similar to this take
a lot of work? I've absolutely no understanding of coding however I had been
hoping to start my own blog soon. Anyway, if you have any suggestions or
tips for new blog owners please share. I know this is off
topic nevertheless I just needed to ask. Thank you!

Rostam's picture

Hi Shobin, I just saw your

Hi Shobin, I just saw your tutorial. Though it's a few years old I want to thank for this! It's much more understandable than vtigers payslip tutorial.

If you could answer me one question I am fighting with would be so great.

How can I integrate the new module inside the Projects Module? It should look like all the other Modules in Projects->More Information. So that right above Project Tasks there is the modules title "testModule" and opens just like all the other ones...

Couldn't find a solution for this until now... and I must say I am very new to vtiger.

Appreciate your help.

Regards from Germany :-)

Anonymous's picture

i followed above instruction

i followed above instruction and created all files and folders but when i installed module its generate a
"dUnzip2: File 'manifest.xml' is not compressed in the zip." error and i also added below code in language file

= Array('HELLO_WORLD' => 'Hello World');

Can u please help me

Anonymous's picture

Invalid file provided for

Invalid file provided for module import! Try Again. I have created as per above information but still it says invalid file..

please help me.

walter's picture

Hi, thanks for your

thanks for your contribution on creating a new module, am in the process of creating one and am stuck in the middle of the process after doing all you had stated in importing the module in the module manager but i get an error "invalid file provided for module import! try again"...i will grateful appreciate your help.thank you.

Lipin P's picture

Drupal SEO Basics and "How to"s

Even though Drupal is not 100% perfect , by taking the advantage of its flexibility  we can reach almost to it. I belive that  by default drupal sites are good  and search engine optimised. How ever the users who develop their site without taking the advantage of the drupal sites will experice a poor performanance. Optimizing your site for the search engines is a huge topic.Let me narrate briefly about this.

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I am absolutely amazed at how

I am absolutely amazed at how terrific the stuff is on this site. I have saved this webpage and I truly intend on visiting the site in the upcoming days. Keep up the excellent work! 

støvsuger's picture

Wow, amazing blog site

Wow, amazing blog site layout! How long have you ever been blogging for? you made blogging glance easy. The overall seem of your website is magnificent, as well as the content!

vijayan's picture

Object Oriented Python



As of any Programming language python has got the feature of Object Oriented Programming. And as of any other features of python its the simplest of all other programming languages' syntax. It provides object oriented features like inheritance, abstraction, encapsulation etc.

boss's picture

nice post

nice post

vijayan's picture

Short-Circuit Operators and OpenERP reporting



The logical operators in python ('and' and 'or') can be used extensively to sequentially evaluate a statement irrespective of the datatype of each element in the statement. They are called short circuit operators in python. Here we have brief description of how can we use them while programming with python. It is found to be very useful when we try to manipulate data in reports where in we can significantly change the data printed without editing the python code serving the report.

Suresh's picture

what about the truth value of

what about the truth value of function pointers in python?

vijayan's picture

as a function pointer always

as a function pointer always points to a function stored in memory it is True always