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The real time synchronization between OpenERP and X-cart for Alarmia

April 21, 2010 - ZestyBeanz technologies is  now implementing the database synchronization between X-cart And OpenERP for Alarmia, a leading security products provider company from France.

X-Cart is a complete e-commerce solution that provides, all you need to build, operate and maintain an online store, and it is is one of the most feature rich e-commerce solutions of today. The real time synchronization enables the sharing of data, like order details, invoice details etc. between the OpenERP and X-cart databases.

ZestyBeanz has a prior experience in developing and implementing an OpenERP module for Now it is made easy to handle the data from X-Cart also.

ZestyBeanz implemented the database syncronization for Fiberyarn

March 10, 2010 - ZestyBeanz implemented the database synchronization for Fiberyarn, A leading import-export company, specialized in textile products in Portugal and Switzerland. 

The module synchronizes a number of OpenERP databases at different locations with a main database. It uses full synchronization and automatic real time synchronization techniques. The synchronization of the Partners & Products and all related fields and tables from a database into other databases are now achieved.

CRM implementation for s2g, USA

November 02, 2009 - Z-Beanz is Providing a Highly Customised CRM module in OpenERP, for the Texas based Support Services Group (s2g).


The company is a major provider of technical support, customer service and reverse logistics to the high technology and consumer electronics markets of USA. The module mainly focuses on product support service. The project is in its final stage of Completion.

OpenERP- OS Commerce Integration

November 02, 2009 - Z-Beanz has completed a successful integration of osCommerce, one of the popular open source e-commerce and online store management software, with OpenERP.


The Project is implemented for, a Washington based distribution company. The integrated application connect with multiple web shops, Point of Sale operations with customized US accounts chart and email gateway.

East Coast International into the OpenERP way

August 02, 2009 - East Coast International, one of the leading business firms in the middle east and the most familiar name in Malayalam music industry, has opted OpenERP for managing their resources.

Z-Beanz will be implementing a customised version of OpenERP, well suited for the specific needs of music industry. The modules that are implemented are Production Management (Albums, Films, Stage Shows etc.), Inventory, Sales, Purchase, Human Resources and also an integration to its online music store

The implementation is planned for the Indian and Middle east office of East Coast on a single database. The project is in the development phase and expected to complete in less than two months time.

Z-Beanz training division with Fortune Global, Delhi

July 01, 2009 - After having about three years live implementation experience on OpenERP in the world, Z-Beanz is entering into corporate training with the Partnership of a Delhi based firm Fortune Global Inc.


The basic intention is to conduct technical and functional training on OpenERP for corporates, students, faculty and Free software users.The purpose is to create awareness about the fastest developing Open source ERP among the users and developers. The sessions will be handled by experienced consultants and developers in OpenERP.

The joint venture of Z-Beanz with its industrial live exposure and Fortune Global with its training back ground is expected to increase the relevance of cheap and efficient Open source application in business management. Contact either of the two companies for more details on course, curriculum, trainers, schedule, certification etc.

Openbooks ERP to target the US Market

May 25, 2009 - Z-Beanz is all set to enter in the US market with its solution Openbooks ERP.

Most small business accounting systems stop with basic accounting. Openbooks ERP is designed to provide the small business with a company-wide software system used to manage and coordinate all the resources, information, and functions of a business in one easy to use program.

Open Books ERP is open source which means the software is freely available and can be customized to your business rather than customizing your business to fit the software. Open Books ERP also has many existing modules that can easily be installed. You also never have to worry about keeping track of licenses or buying upgrades every year like some accounting packages.

OpenBooks ERP has been built on the fastest developing Open Source ERP, The OpenERP. Apart from the typical advantages of a pure open source product , Openbooks ERP is exclusively designed to meet the easiness of use for US based users by mapping with the most popular Accounting package - Quickbooks.
Openbooks ERP runs on Windows, Linux and Mac. It has got both GTK and web interface.

Partnering with Xhance in Singapore.
April 25, 2009 - Z-Beanz and Xhance Pte Ltd., Singapore  has decided to form a Marketing partnership for products and  solutions in Singapore and India.

Xhance is a creative IT solutions company with it's head office based at Singapore. This alliance would allow the services from Z-Beanz to be made available in Singapore and neighbouring countries. The partnership also intends to provide services based on linux and open source platform.

Z-Beanz services in Spain with Kemet.

March 28, 2009 - Z-Beanz and Kemet Ingeniería y Sistemas S.L., official partner of OpenERP in Spain has formed a strategic partnership to ensure cost effective and quality IT services in the region.  

The partnership basically aims at combined effort in realising OpenERP projects with the marketing experience of Kemet well supported by the technical expertise from Z-Beanz.
Kemet Ingeniería y Sistemas has been working on web technology, ICT and consulting for the last nine years. The working together is also expected to spread to various other solutions mainly based on Free and Open Source software applications.

The first project on OpenERP has already commenced and few potential jobs are in the pipeline. Z-Beanz and Kemet expect to scale up the business with this strategic relationship in a more market oriented approach.

OpenERP & Subscriptions

February 23, 2009 - Z-Beanz along with Netuse to implement OpenERP based software application for leading IT infrastructure providers in Belgium.

The application basically intends to handle all the customer subscriptions of service providers in Hosting servers, VoIP, ADSL etc.The project is divided into different phases. The first phase is implementing a complete subscription module in which the main functionalities are, creating invoices according to billing cycle and handling different types of charges according to various packages. The charges can be one time, fixed in every billing cycle or on prorate basis. Prorate types will have a subscription period and a subscription interval parameters which gets updated in each invoice by the charge quantity. The package also has categories according to which the commission for each reseller can be defined.Phase two will be integrating the VoIP and ADSL softwares with the OpenERP based back end application. Implementation of a front end web application using OpenERP would come in the next phase where each customers will have access to the application for all their enquiries.

This project can be a real example of how effectively OpenERP handles large data and users along with integration with other billing applications.

Z-Beanz in the FSIA Director Board

 February 19, 2009 - Z-Beanz has been inducted into the Director board of Free Software Industries Association of Kerala, the largest association of Free and Open Source Software service providers in the region.

The primary objectives of the Association shall be well being of the member organizations doing business using Free Software in General with special relevance to providing cost effective information solutions to the small and medium enterprises, Government departments and Public Sector Undertakings and commercial institutions, to Information Technology dissemination in rural areas and among the lower strata of the society, to end the new division of the society based on availability of and capability to use Information for bettering their lives and to ensure development of Kerala State into an IT destination by making it capable of providing cost effective software solutions for the industrial growth of the State and the Country.

Z-Beanz represented by its Managing Director, looks forward in utilising this as an opportunity to effectively execute its expertise in the free software and thus contributing to the business potential of FOSS in general.

OpenERP for Service based industries.

January 19, 2009 - Z-Beanz and Synkronized(Belgium) to develop a customized Project Management profile in OpenERP for Service based industries.

The main objective of the application is to manage the Projects effectively with the employees for a serviced company in general with some specific functionalities.


The features include Visual display of the availability of the employees i.e. when and for how many hours are the different employees within the company occupied with work on future projects. This visual display should allow to spot gaps in the resource planning. This visual display gets automatically generated, based on the work week and holiday planning of the employees on one hand and on the project planning of the employees

Another need is a tool to do project planning. This tool allows defining tasks within a project. Each task consists of a number of hours and has a start date and end date.

The project planning tool allows multiple employees to work on one task. The visual representation of the project planning is generated based on these parameters and on the work week and holiday planning of the employees.

The development of the application is on progress at Z-Beanz with the participation of Synkronized team from Belgium.

Z-Beanz to implement OpenERP at Janatha Tiles Limted.

January 02, 2009 - Janatha Tiles Ltd, a leading tiles manufacturing company in North Kerala, India has decided to implement OpenERP to automate their regular business processes. Z-Beanz will be implementing Customised OpenERP and the application is expected to be fully online towards the end of February - 2009.


The modules identified for implementation are, Sales Management, Purchase Management, Production Management, Human Resources, Payroll and Indian Standard Financial Management. Going online with OpenERP, Janatha Tiles intends to automate all their Sales, Purchase, and Production Processes.This will help in efficiency and speeding up of regular transactions and its documentations. The company thus expects an improved productivity by effectively handling the manpower with the support of the ERP application.The application will also take care of the entire Human Resources Part which will have about 130 employees in the first phase.

The Payroll will also be handled which will take care of the customised processes in calculation of wages for different category of employees on a monthly basis.The implementation will take place in different phases starting from first week of January 2009. The Functional team from Z-Beanz have already completed the Requirement study on site. This Project will be implemented on the latest version of OpenERP (Version 5) and would be another opportunity to prove the feasibility of OpenERP in mid sized companies without much financial risks.