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Daily Sales Closing + Automated Report Sending

 If you are running a business, you really need a neat and detailed report of the sales at the end of the day.

This OpenERP module may help you to get the Detailed Report as email after closing the sales . 

Steps for Closing

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Adding attractive module description using HTML in OpenERP 8

A module description provides detailed information about the module.  So when we writing a module description, it should be readable and clear, so that a user can understand what is the functionality of the module. Here i am explaining how to make such a description using HTML.

Following are the steps to  add HTML Description in your module.

1.  Add directory named description inside the folder static.

2.  Copy your images which is to used in description to this folder.

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Gamification Functionality in OpenERP 8

Gamification is a Module that provides ways to evaluate and motivate the users of OpenERP. The users can be evaluated using goals and numerical objectives to reach.

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Cashier Analysis Module - Analyse What is happening in your Cash Drawer


The module is to analyse the cashiers sitting on various branches of a company . Like a CCTV without Camera :)

This may be useful

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Grouping of Sale Order Lines

web_tree module enhance the features of OPENERP 7.0 in handling sale order and sale order lines. This module is designed with the aim of handling sale order lines easily within a Sale Order. With this module you will be able to create set of categories for each Sale Order. Most interesting feature is that you can just drag and drop Sale Order Lines to desired category. This module also provide facility of inline editing for Sale Order Lines in Draft state.

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Data export to CSV with Filtering in V7

Zb_export is a module to export the records of any model with user-defined column sequences and filters into CSV (Spreadsheet) File

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OpenERP 7 Integration with FedEx

FedEx is one of the providers of shipping service. In OpenERP, we can create delivery orders based on each orders to the customers, but the shipment order creation and the shipping has to be done manually through some of the shipping service providers like FedEx, UPS etc.

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Winbooks - OpenERP Integration

The Integration module aims to import data from openerp into winbooks. Integration of openerp with winbooks software is described below. Its a one way integration with importing the invoices created in openerp into winbooks.

1) A customer is created in openerp and an invoice for that customer is created as shown below

Figure 1

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Purchase Amendment Module: Modify confirmed purchase orders

In openERP, once a purchase order is confirmed we can not modify it anymore. Purchase amendment module enables the provision to make some changes like increase or decrease in product quantity,unit price etc in a confirmed Purchase order.  But we can edit tne order lines only when no payments are done and the products are not fully recieved.

Lets see how this module works,

Here i am creating a new purchase order with 2 products, and i have confirmed it,

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Getting Things Done (project_gtd) - Time Management Module

One of the modules provided by OpenERP to improve your time management is ‘project_gtd’. This blog is an elaboration of OpenERP’s official documentation about the same module.

OpenERP’s project_gtd module was inspired by two books focussing on efficient time management: