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Managing Multiple website stores in Magento

In Basic Installation a magento has one website, one store and one store view. Here it is used for creating a single shop website.
To setup multiple website stores in magento there are a few configuration changes to be done in the backend. Mentioned below are the  instructions to be followed to create  multiple website stores in magento.

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Open Source ERPs - the future of Business Intelligence

Many times we would have heard or asked our selves this question: how is a free or open source software is interesting to business? The simple answer for it - the cost of possession of such software applications for the customer is in times cheaper that is very interesting to business even at accompanying inconveniences of completion. And this profitability can over come many barriers like organisational, technological or legislative.

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Python 3.x vs Python2.x

Here I am trying to list some of the differences between Python3.x and Python2.x. Only those differences which I came through are listed. I expect more differences as I go deep into Python3.x. Python3.x is a backward incompatible Python release. i.e codes written in Python2.x may or may not run in Python3.x and vice versa.

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Search Views in OpenERP

        Search views are a new feature of OpenERP supported in OpenERP version 6. It creates a customized search panel, and is declared quite similarly to a form view, except that the view type and root element change to search instead of form. After declaring a search view, it will be used automatically for all tree views on the same model.

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Creating Sql Triggers


Triggers are sql procedures that are executed on some events like insert, update or delete in a table or view. We can associate sql procedures with trigger so that we can have details like what data did  change during the triggering event. The data can be availed in some other tables if required. I would share you the basuc sql queries to create  and drop a trigger.

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Schedulers in OpenERP

Schedulers are one of the most attractive features of OpenERP. As the name implies they can schedule any activity like sending email, checking stock quantity, synchronizations, invoice and  purcahse operations, etc... A scheduler executes a particular function at regular intervals, without human interference.

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Domestic(India) IT Market trends.

 Some of the encouraging trends of the domestic IT market are:
    •  Domestic IT market grew at 22.4% in 2010
    •  In 2011, IT and ITeS industry is expected to grow at 20%, with the domestic market
       growing at 22.4% compared to the IT and ITeS export market growth of 18.9%
    •  E-governance is high on the agenda of Central govt. and most state governments.