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Sequence in OpenERP

Adding a sequence for records in OpenERP is very simple. For making a field a sequence type, we need to create new sequence or use existing sequence. For creating a sequence, we need to create two type of objects, one is “ir.sequence.type” and other “ir.sequence”. The example to create these records are given below..

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Jasper Reports- New Era of Reporting in openERP

Before Jasper Reports, openERP depend mainly on RML reporting for creating reports and RML reports supports pdf and some other formats that are not usually used for reporting. For RML reports, it has so many disadvantages. In RML reports we can add as many rows, but the number of adding columns is fixed. But in Jasper Reports we can add any number of rows and columns. In RML reports we can't add graphics and also can't use expressions for finding values of a field using other field values. These are possible in Jasper reports. 


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OpenERP Installation In Linux

     OpenERP works as a structure of Server and Client(either GTK client or web client).In this blog we will go through OpenERP server, gtk-client, web-client installations by downloading  source.
OpenERP Server Installation
Install the required packages which include mainly python and its libraries.For the installation pupose we can use the following commands at the terminal

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Importing Bank Statements in OpenERP

        Bank Statements from text files can be imported into OpenERP in a simple way. For importing such a file create a wizard to import the text file into the OpenERP. This wizard contains a binary field to import the file. From the wizard select the file to be imported. The file may contain the details such as Bank Name, Bank Code, Customer Name, Customer code, Account number, Invoice number, Date etc. All these values can be read from the file and can be used in the OpenERP as per the need.

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Basics of developing a simple module in OpenERP

OpenObject uses modules as feature containers, to foster maintainable and robust development. The functionality in OpenERP is provided by modules.

Module Composition

A module may contain any of the following elements:

business objects: declared as Python classes extending the osv.osv OpenObject class
data : views, menu, workflows, demo data etc..
wizards : stateful interactive forms